Another Intersection

New IntersectionsWe talk a lot about how we have to choose which direction to go each time we get to an intersection.  There are always choices to make as we approach them.

Each year brings new opportunities and a chance to improve what we do as an organization.

This year will be something of an experimental phase for the blog at Intersections4Life.  We will no longer limit this to writing.  Video messages are the newest trend in reaching people on social media as well as ministry sites.  This is the direction we will begin to lean toward.

While our blog is very important, it is not our core calling.  We are focused on disciple-making and walking with Christ followers while they find their true gifts and calling according to those gifts.  This will remain our focus in 2018 as well.

For now, we will take a short break from our weekly postings so we can start producing our new vlogs and bring those to you in a way that is relevant, relatable and real for all of 2018.

This all comes with a cost that we are asking you consider contributing to.  Our studio will be based out of a home office, but lighting and software, as well as better equipment for the videos themselves, are not a zero cost undertaking.

Please consider giving to Intersections4Life and showing us that what we do brings value to you by clicking here

Thanks and we look forward to bringing you new content soon!

The Intersections4Life Team

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