Discipleship – Week 01 2018

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  1. Joan Overton Reply

    Hi Steve,
    My name is Joan. I am a Jewish believer. I’ve been a believer for 27 years. Let me rephrase that. I have been a true, washed in the blood, spirit soaked believer for 6 years. When I first took Christ into my heart, I wasn’t told that I had to change my actions, thinking, world view, parenting skills, develop forgiveness for my fellow man and more importantly, myself. In addition to this stuff, I had to prepare for the fight of my life. We are warring with darkness and we’re not able to do this alone. I want to be effectual in my prayer, persuasive in my actions and steadfast in my belief in our blessed Lord. I want to go deeper into ministry and don’t know how to start. I don’t want to make nice. I know there is a time and place for nice but in the midst of the war with Satan, isn’t it. I want to hear any suggestions you have on how I can go deeper. In 2012, I divorced my husband of 23 years after he told me to call him master. He didn’t then and still doesn’t know the true character of God. I believe women are so valuable in the church. The fervent, unceasing prayer of a man or woman of God will prepare us for the work we have to do and the war we’re going to win. Blessings to you in Christ,
    Joan Overton

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