Catapult of Change

We all know the simplicity of seeing, pointing out, judging and disseminating all that’s wrong with the world through today’s technology. And that’s exactly what we’re being fed. It’s a rarity to turn on the TV or any type of social media and hear a “feel good” story.

We as a people are emotionally driven but an emotion that’s beaten over and over will become calloused. It’s clearly evident that we’ve become numb to the negatives; there’s just not a whole of “wow factor” when we hear of yet another terrorist act. It’s as common as breathing anymore. It’s just too easy to catch someone doing something wrong, point it out, make a judgment call, and then tell everyone about it.

But what if??? What if we were to do something completely opposite?

I see a catapult of change in the way we communicate our perception of the natural to others through our words and actions. What if we start looking for people doing the right things? Catch them in the act, point it out, and be intentional to share it with as many as we can. Habits are formed in a very short period of time and if we can transfer seeing the negative into seeing the positives, I envision change spreading like wildfire.

What are some things we could do to be the catapult of change? Well, we could start at home. When we catch someone doing something right, point it out loudly, maybe even throw in a high five. Make a big deal out of it and let everyone else see it as it happens. This may seem like a half-baked idea but a pat on the back goes a long way. The positive emotion will fuel people to continue to do right; positive affirmation is addictive!

If you happen to see someone holding a door open for someone else, let others see you show your appreciation for their efforts. Celebrate any and all good deeds that you happen to witness in the public eye. When we see things like this happen and if we go out of our way to let people know we see it and even more so, that we appreciate their kindness, this sort of thing will spread. You know why? Because positive affirmation is addictive!

Envision it…overflow from our homes into the schools and work places. Positive change sweeps a city or town, the state, the country, etc. Yeah, yeah, I know, “great imagination,” right? “Yeah, that’s real likely to happen.” I won’t be caught saying it won’t. People are beyond ready for a change. This world is a whole lot bigger than just you and me but even the smallest of actions can birth huge change. If we can step out of our comfort zone to encourage others, we can be the catapult of change that people just talk about. Spread positive affirmation like it’s a paying gig…because positive affirmation is addictive!

So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

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