Navigating Another Intersection

Intersections4Life LogoI am very excited to let you know about some changes to our ministry and how we plan to move forward with the ministry. Before I get into all that I want to review with you each intersection we have navigated so far on this journey.

Intersections4Life started in 2012 with the idea that we would be a blog that focused on the spiritual development of men and men’s issues. We developed a logo with a story, bought a domain, started blogging and let the world start consuming whatever we could put out there. Our avenue of distribution, or marketing, was word of mouth and Facebook sharing.

By 2013 we decided to stop limiting the site to just men’s topics, advancing us into a much wider audience. We continued to use Facebook as our primary source of distribution/marketing.

In March of 2015, we made an announcement that we were going to expand into discipleship and become a 501(c)(3) non-profit. This announcement was made with zero funding sources and no idea on how it would all work out. We were just following God’s lead on this and doing what we believed he was calling us to do. Shortly after the announcement we were blessed by a generous donor who believed in what we do.

At the same time, we took up the task of leading disciple making efforts and training new and established believers into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Included in all this was the assumption that most of those we led would, in turn, lead someone else in the same curriculum. This has been very successful and we have produced over 15 disciple makers along the way. All of this was in addition to the continuing of the blog ministry.

The beginning of 2018 brought a level of havoc we were only minimally prepared for. The storm of life hit and hit hard. One of us lost a family member. Another was put on the road more often. We have been evaluating another book and method of growth. And then there was the constant thought that something needed to change in the ministry. The feeling that God wanted to put another change in place.

So here we are in March of 2018 and things are changing again. I finally feel like God has spoken clearly to me on what needs to change, what needs to remain the same, and what needs more work still.

The blog will now be for announcements in the ministry only. The posts that are already published will be reformatted and redistributed using our mailing list. The mailing distribution list, hosted on Mail Chimp, will become the primary place to communicate a message with those who subscribe. We will be pushing subscriptions to the site in order to make this happen. As of today, our distribution list is 182 subscribers strong.

Our primary focus will remain to make disciples who make disciples. The maturing of Christ followers new and old alike. This focus on discipleship will always remain our mission as a ministry while everything else is a side effect or offspring of those activities.

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Thanks and God Bless!

Steve Becker

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